Power Nutrient #1: Legumes

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal BMI is 24.9.

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Power Nutrient #1:  Legumes

Beans and other legumes (BEST CHOICE:  red beans) do have carbs, but the best kinds.

For example, beans are one of the richest sources of soluble fiber, which is key to good blood sugar control.

They also have resistant starch RS1, which “resists” being digested in your small intestine until it can pass into your large intestine.

There, the resistant starch ferments, rebuilds your intestinal lining, and creates short-chain fatty acids, which fight systemic inflammation, cancer, and “bad” bugs in your gut, like E. coli and candida.

Resistant starch also helps lower insulin levels, probably because it takes so long to digest that it slows down the release of blood sugar.

One study found by adding 5% resistant starch to your meal, you increase your post-meal fat burn – and 80% of that fat comes from your belly and hips, 20% from the fat in your meal.

Gotta love that!

Plus, when you eat the resistant starch in beans, you feel fuller, store less fat, lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, and improve your whole body’s insulin sensitivity.

Many beans contain phytoestrogens, but unlike isoflavone-enriched processed soy products, these phytoestrogens are shown to reduce levels of circulating estrogen.

Beans are also high in zinc and B vitamins, both proven testosterone boosters.

In general, legumes consist of beans, lentils, peas, and peanuts.

Here is a pretty extensive list:

Aburage, Akamiso, Anasazi beans, Appaloosa beans, Apricot seed, Arhar, Arhar dal, Asuki bean, Atsuage, Awase miso, Azufrado bean, Baby lima bean, Bamboo yuba, Barley miso, Bayo bean, Bean cheese, Bean curd, Bean paste, Bean stick, Beechmast, Beluga black lentil, Beluga lentil, Bengal gram, Black aduki bean, Black adzuki bean, Black azuki bean, Black bean, Black chickpeas, Black gram, Black lentil, Black turtle bean, Bolita bean, Bonavist bean, Borlotti bean, Boston bean, Boston navy bean, Breadnut seeds, Brown lentil, Brown rice miso, Brown speckled cow bean, Buah keras, Butternut, Butterscotch calypso bean, Calypso bean, Canaria bean, Canario bean, Chana dal, Channa dal, Chestnut lima bean, Chili bean, Chilke urad, Chinese black bean, Chinese yuba, Chowli dal, Christmas lima bean, Chufa, Coco bean, Coco blanc bean, Continental lentil, Crab eye bean, Cranberry bean, Dal, Dark miso, Dermason bean, Doufu, Dow fu kon, Dow see, Dried chestnut, Egyptian bean, Egyptian lentil, Egyptian white broad bean, European soldier bean, Eye of goat bean, Fagioli, Fagiolo romano, Fayot, Fazolia bean, Flageolet, Foo yi, Foo yu, French green lentils, Fried bean curd, Frijo bola roja, Frijole negro, Fu jook pei, Fu yu, Fuji mame, Genmai miso, German lentil, Gram dal, Great northern bean, Green gram, Green lentil, Hang yen, Haricot bean, Haricot blanc bean, Hatcho miso, Hyacinth bean, Inaka miso, Inariage, Indian bean, Indian brown lentil, Jackson wonder bean, Kala channa, Kali dal, Kemiri, Kidney bean, Kinu-Goshi, Kirazu, Kluwak kupas, Kyoto shiro miso, Lablab bean, Lentilles du Puy, Lentilles vertes du Puy, Ling chio, Ling jiao, Ling kio, Ling kok, Lingot bean, Lupini bean, Maicoba bean, Maine yellow eye, Mame miso, Mape, Marron, Marrow bean, Masar, Masar dal, Masoor, Masoor dal, Matki, Mayocoba bean, Mellow miso, Mexican black bean, Mexican red bean, Miso, Moath, Molasses face bean, Moong dal, Mortgage lifter bean, Mortgage runner bean, Mugi miso, Mung bean, Mung pea, Mungo bean, Mussoor, Nama nori san, Nama-Age, Nato, Natto, Nattou, Navy bean, Nigari tofu, Okara, Orca bean, Pea bean, Peanuts, Pearl haricot, Pecan, Peruano bean, Peruvian bean, Petite beluga lentil, Pignoli, Pignolia, Pignolo, Pine kernel, Pink bean, Pink lentil, Pinolea, Pinoli, Piñon, Pinto Bean, Pinyon, Plant protein, Pressed tofu, Prince bean, Protein crumbles, Purple appaloosa bean, Puy lentils, Rajma, Rattlesnake bean, Red ball bean, Red bean, Red eye bean, Red kidney bean, Red lentil, Red miso, Refried Beans, Roasted soybeans, Roman bean, Rosecoco bean, Saluggia, Salugia bean, Scarlet runner bean, Sendai miso, Shell bean, Shinshu miso, Shiro miso, Sieva bean, Silken tofu, Small red bean, Small white bean, Snoober, Soft tofu, Soy cheese, Soy mayonnaise, Soy nut butter, Soy nuts, Soy sour cream, soy yogurt, Soybean curd, Soybean paper, Soybean paste, Soynut butter, Spanish black bean, Spanish tolosana bean, Speckled brown cow bean, Split black lentils, Steuben yellow bean, Steuben yellow eye bean, Swedish brown bean, Sweet miso, Sweet white miso, tempe, tempeh, Tofu, Tofu mayonnaise, Tofu sour cream, Tolosana bean, Tongues of fire bean, Toor, Toor dal, Tremmocos, Trout bean, Tur, Tur dal, Turtle bean, Turtle soup bean, Tuvar, Tuvar dal, Tvp, Uba, Unohana, Urad dal, Usuage, Val dal, Vallarta bean, Vegetable protein, Water caltrop, Wet bean curd, Whit bean, White kidney bean, White lentils, White miso, White pea bean, Yankee bean, Yellow Indian woman bean, Yellow lentils, Yellow miso, Yin yang bean, Yuba.

Hormone HomeworkHave 1-3 servings per day.

>Dried beans are better than canned; soak them for 6-8 hours, or overnight, in room temperature water, then drain before cooking.

>Don’t avoid canned beans if the convenience encourages you to eat more legumes – the numerous health benefits of beans and lentils vastly outweigh the potential dangers of cans.  (Don’t forget Eden Foods has BPA-free cans.)

>Look for no-salt varieties and rinse them thoroughly before cooking.

>No, refried beans with lard don’t count!  If you love that taste, look for refried beans that contain beans, salt, and water.

Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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