Prayer, Meditation and Affirmations

Prayer and Meditation

prayer   Find a quiet time once a day for 10 minutes to nourish and invigorate your soul/spirit.  Combine this with deep breathing to bring oxygen to your cells.  This is very beneficial in dealing with stress and anxiety issues.  Think of it as “just me” time.  Find a quiet place where you can be comfortable and not be disturbed.  Then do your own thing:  prayer, chanting, contemplating, envisioning a safe, happy place you can always visit in your mind, or maybe it’s a walk in the forest or simply getting outside.  Find something that suits your beliefs and lifestyle and works for you.  It’s a time for you to be at peace, connect with “a higher being”, contemplate your life, be yourself, and totally relax.  There’s no right or wrong way to pray or meditate.  Try to relax or “get in touch with your higher self” or “connect with a higher being” or “connect with the universe” (again, whatever suits your beliefs).  Don’t be discouraged if you feel silly or don’t get the hang of it.  It takes time and practice to enter into a meaningful prayer or meditative state.  The point is, try it.  You just might like it and find it’s a missing part of your health and happiness.


affirmation   To affirm is to literally “make firm”.  It is to assert positively that something is so.  This is positive self-talk.  You are what and who you think you are!  Many books are available on this subject and have examples of affirmations you may find appealing.  Find affirmations that are suitable for you and your current situation.  Repeat these 10 times each, twice a day or as often as you need to until you believe them and live them.  Post these affirmations everywhere:  on your mirror, on the fridge, in your car, at your desk, on your shopping list.  Be innovative with your affirmations.

Formula for making affirmations

*Describe the current situation you want to change.

*After that statement add “and this is having a serious effect on my . . ., which makes me feel . . .”

*Write a simple statement describing what it would be like without this problem.

*After this statement add “this is having a beneficial effect on my . . . , which makes be feel . . .”

*Write your positive outcome statement describing what you desire.

*Use present tense.  Keep it simple.

*Starting with “I” makes it more powerful.

*Include “action” words and make it passionate for yourself.

*Write it as though the goal is an accomplished fact OR state it as a process.


“I am mentally, emotionally and physically healthy” OR “I am becoming mentally, emotionally and physically healthier every day”.

“I have a miraculous digestive system, which ensures I receive all the goodness I need from the food I eat” OR “I have a miraculous digestive system that’s getting better and better at digesting and using nutrients”.

*My body is relaxed and in perfect balance” OR “My body is becoming relaxed and in balance”.

*”My metabolism is highly efficient” OR “My metabolism is always improving”.

The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a thought vividly imagined and the real thing.

Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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