Remove Toxins From Your House

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Remove Toxins From Your House

According to the EPA, the air in your house could have 100 times more pollutants than the air outside, primarily due to VOCs emitted from toxic cleaners and other household products.

Try these tips to reduce your bioburden at home.

NO:  Chemical home cleaners

Almost 90% of all poison exposures happen at home, most from items like cleaning supplies, medicines, cosmetics, and other personal care items.

The worst are drain, oven, and toilet bowl cleaners, and products containing chlorine or ammonia.

(The combination of chlorine and ammonia creates a toxic chlorine gas, chloramine, used as a chemical weapon in World War I.)

YES:  Use 100% natural products

Use truly natural products, like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and plain old water.

No risk of endocrine disruption and a lot of bang for your buck!

White vinegar mixed with water can clean any kind of floor, window, mirror, or other shiny surface.

Vinegar gets rid of stink in the sink and mold in the shower, cleans and softens clothes, and, when combined with baking soda, can unclog drains.

Castile soap and hot water clears away dirt – use it anywhere with baking soda and/or vinegar to get the job done.

Baking soda can be used to clean cutlery, deodorize stinky carpets and doggie couches, scrub toilets and tubs, and destink your fridge and freezer.

Anyplace you once used scouring powder, you can use baking soda.

Lemon juice can be used as a substitute for bleach due to its whitening ability.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used, in combination with white vinegar, as one of the very best sanitizing kitchen cleansers.

Susan Sumner, a food scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, created this process:  Buy 2 empty spray bottles and fill one with hydrogen peroxide and the other with vinegar; spray your counter first with the vinegar, then with the hydrogen peroxide (or vice versa), and voila!

Tests proved this sequence of cleaning was more effective than any bleach-based cleanser at eliminating bacteria – and it doesn’t emit bleach’s cancerous dioxins.

(Bonus:  This spray also works on food – and after you rinse the food with water, it leaves no detectable residue.)

YES:  Use reliably safe store-bought cleansers

Household cleaners claiming to be natural could be toxic and we’d never know.

Stick with companies known to be environmentally responsible, such as Shaklee, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s, Dr. Bronner’s, Ecover, and Method.

Look for words like:



Free of dye or perfume




NO:  Artificial room deodorizers

These products only mask whatever foul odor is festering.

They’re little factories of VOCs just pumping toxins into your room.

YES:  Clean your air with a HEPA filter

A study found using HEPA filters for 2 days dramatically improved the cardiovascular function of healthy nonsmokers.

Get one with a VOC filter.

YES:  Surround yourself with green

NASA scientists found one potted plant every 100 square feet can remove many harmful contaminants from the air in your home.

Best varieties include bamboo palm, English ivy, gerbera daisy, and green spider.

NO:  Scotchguarded furniture or stain-resistant clothing

One PFC compound used to make stain-resistant fabrics and believed to cause birth defects and cancer was the most highly concentrated one in the breast milk of nursing mothers.

YES:  Organic clothing whenever possible

Cotton farmers use the most (and most damaging) pesticides.

Seek out organic cotton, especially for sheets and baby clothes.

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