Removing Toxins From Your Kitchen

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Removing Toxins From Your Kitchen

With more than 100,000 chemicals out there, and very few of them studied, we’ll soon see a lot of research about how damaging these are.

In the meantime, protect yourself in the kitchen.

NO:  Chlorinated white paper towels

The EPA found that dioxins, byproducts of chlorine, are 300,000 times more carcinogenic than DDT; they’re also very estrogenic.

YES:  Chlorine-free paper products

Use products – toilet paper included – that say they are processed chlorine-free, or PCF.

NO:  Bleached coffee filters

Bleached coffee filters leach chlorine into your coffee and release dioxins with every drip.

YES:  Unbleached or oxygen-bleached filters

These use chlorine dioxide, a type of bleach that doesn’t create dioxin residues.

NO:  “Antibacterial” dish soap (or anything!)

In addition to helping create antibiotic resistance, when triclosan combines with chlorinated tap water, it creates the carcinogenic gas chloroform and chlorinated dioxins, a highly toxic form of dioxin.

YES:  Natural soaps

Choose dish soaps without chlorine or phosphates.

Good brands include Shaklee, Seventh Generation, Ecover, and Mrs. Meyer’s.

NO:  Teflon pans

A chemical in Teflon likely damages the liver and thyroid and impairs the immune system.

YES:  Iron, porcelain-coated, stainless steel, or glass pans

Get added iron as you avoid endocrine and immune-system damage.

Keep the dishwasher closed

Don’t open your dishwasher door during the wash cycle.

That “whoosh” of steam releases toxic volatized chlorine from the combination of detergent and tap water.

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