Shark Cartilage

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Shark Cartilage

The tough, elastic material making up the skeleton of the shark is dried and pulverized to make this food supplement.

Shark cartilage contains a number of active components, the most important one is a type of protein that supposedly acts to suppress the development of new blood vessels.

This would make it valuable in fighting several disorders.

Many cancerous tumors, for example, can grow only because they make your body develop new networks of blood vessels to supply them with nutrients.

Shark cartilage is said to suppress this process, so tumors are deprived of their nourishment and, often, begin to shrink.

Many people with advanced stages of cancer of the breast, colon, prostate, and others have sought shark cartilage as a means to avoid disease progression.

So far, however, studies show shark cartilage has no impact on disease progression, and many people had adverse side effects from using the product.

There are certain eye disorders, like diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, that are characterized by the growth of new blood vessels in the eye, because they grow in inappropriate places, the presence of these blood vessels can lead to blindness.

These diseases may also respond well to shark cartilage.

Other conditions for which shark cartilage is useful include arthritis, psoriasis, and regional enteritis (inflammation of the lining of your bowels).

Shark cartilage also contains calcium (approximately 16%) and phosphorus (approximately 8%), which are absorbed as nutrients, and a substance that acts to stimulate your immune system.

Shark cartilage is available in powder and capsule forms.

Be cautious when buying shark cartilage, as the purity and correct processing of it are vital to its effectiveness.

Not all shark cartilage products contain only 100% pure shark cartilage, so read labels carefully.

Pure shark cartilage is white in color.

If you’re taking large quantities of shark cartilage, you should increase your supplementation of magnesium and potassium to keep the right mineral balance in your body.

Shark cartilage should NOT be taken by pregnant women or children, or by people who’ve recently undergone surgery or suffered a heart attack.

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