Soups and Salads

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal is 24.9.

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Soups and Salads

Eating more soups and salads – not just as appetizers, but also as entrees – is an easy way to boost your intake of fruits and vegetables and slash your calories.

Soups are often loaded with vegetables and intensely flavored with herbs and spices.

And soup can satisfy your yearning for almost any kind of texture, from rustic and chunky to silky smooth.

Salads have a reputation for being boring, but in fact, they’re some of the most versatile dishes you can make.

The combinations of fruits, vegetables, and proteins in salads are limited only by your imagination and what’s in season at the market.

Both salads and soups can be prepared in large batches, making them easy “plan-ahead” meals.

You can whip up a large salad on Sunday night and store it in small containers for quick lunches throughout the week (just be sure not to dress it until you plan to eat it).

Or try cooking a big batch of soup on the weekend that can fill your freezer for many weeknight dinners to come.

All you need to do at the end of a hectic day is defrost and dig in!

As with any dish, healthy preparation methods and ingredients are key to making these staples as nutritious as possible.

Recipe of the Day:  Smoky Trout Spread

Makes 8 (1/4-cup) servings

1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt

4 ounces Neufchatel cream cheese

1/2 medium red bell pepper, roasted and peeled (see note)

1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon horseradish

2 teaspoons lime juice

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

4 ounces smoked trout (see note), finely chopped

2 tablespoons chopped shallots

1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives

*Use as many organic ingredients as possible.

Combine the yogurt, cream cheese, roasted pepper, horseradish, lime juice, and mustard in a food processor and combine until smooth.

Transfer to a bowl and stir in the trout and shallots.

Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with chives.

Note:  If substituting salmon, used an equal amount of smoked salmon or 4 ounces drained canned wild salmon.

Note:  Roast the whole bell pepper under a broiler or over a gas flame, turning occasionally, until the skin blisters and chars all over.

Place in a bowl, cover with a lid, and allow to steam to loosen the skin, or place in a paper bag.

Carefully peel away the skin and remove the seeds.

Per slice:  80 calories, 3 g total fat (2 g saturated), 20 mg cholesterol, 65 mg sodium, 3 g total carbohydrates (1 g sugars), 0 g fiber, 8 g protein.

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