The Beginning of the End for Small Farmers

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The Beginning of the End for Small Farmers

As the freight train of the Industrial Revolution barreled at full speed through America’s farm country, few small family farmers were able to survive.

Artificial fertilizers increased yields from worn-out soil, but they also increased the need for other chemicals and increased costs for farmers.

Many went bankrupt.

Large companies bought and consolidated the farms that went under, changing the landscape of America from a patchwork of smaller, independent farms to corporate farms in a process continuing to this day.

Cargill, for instance, began as a single grain storage facility in 1865.

Still family owned and privately held, it’s now one of the largest agricultural companies in the world.

While farms grew, however, the number of farmers plummeted.

In the early 1900s, half of all Americans worked on farms or ranches.

Today, fewer than 1% of Americans work on farms.

It’s important to realize large-scale agriculture – often denounced by environmental leaders (even when the industrial-scale farms are organic) – isn’t a recent phenomenon.

From the feudal system of the Middle Ages, when peasants farmed land in exchange for protection, to the tenant farm system, to plantations “requiring” slave labor to function, our history is filled with industrial farming.

America was settled by many indentured servants who had come from England to harvest the abundant resources of the new land.

George Washington, through his work with the Ohio Company, was one of the many who made their fortunes by acquiring large tracts of land through “Royal Charter,” clearing it and sending the timber and furs back to England, then selling it off as farmland.

We believe the past is the past and our government is protecting us and keeping us safe.

The truth is, however, the government is a lagging indicator of safety, not a leading indicator.

It responds after problems are discovered rather than acting as a shield against them.

And we’ll be living with the impacts of our chemical hubris for centuries to come.

Even today, we see our government responding to crises by setting up additional agencies, creating new overseeing roles, and throwing billions of dollars at a problem that needs to be addressed in a much deeper, more thoughtful way.

Time, however, is running out.

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