The Government is Us

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The Government Is Us

Isn’t the government’s job to protect its people?

What about the FDA?

The EPA?

What’s their role in all of this?

What about government regulations?

Didn’t any chemicals get tested?

The majority of chemical farmers have a firm belief the products they use on their farms have been vigorously tested for safety and as long as they follow the instructions on the label, no harm would come to anyone.

Product safety testing has always been the responsibility of the company making a product, not the government.

In the case of pharmaceutical products, for example, most new drugs are tested on real people in randomized controlled trials.

These trials are designed and sponsored by the industry, and pharmaceutical companies pay hospitals and universities to conduct the testing.

That’s why so many drugs are canceled after enough people suffer negative consequences from taking their medication.

The problem with agricultural chemicals is they’re a few steps removed from the people who ingest them, so chemical companies can more easily evade accountability.

Their testing on fields is often skewed from the start; their testing on human health is simply nonexistent.

And when scientists and doctors find connections between human health problems and chemicals, they often find themselves the victims of intimidation or have their funding revoked.

Government action has tended to be a lagging indicator of safety rather than a leading one.

In the case of agriculture, the past 100 years have seen a fairly consistent approach of populating government agencies with supporters of industry rather than supporters of safety for the people.

You may have heard of the “revolving door” between chemical companies and government agencies.

With each new administration, the door spins around again and fresh new chemical company supporters seem to pop up.

The introduction of GMOs into the marketplace may deserve the award for the worst of all time devious tactics harming the people around the world.

The introduction of GMOs came during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, who focused on “deregulation.”

The Bill Clinton administration sped the process along.

Monsanto has continuously argued as people have been consuming DNA forever, there’s a “substantial equivalency” between GMO foods and non-GMO foods.

According to a lawyer for the USDA during the Carter administration, the FDA uses the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to review GMOs.

The substantial equivalence doctrine fits nicely with FDA logic.

It goes like this:  any “novel” substances in food must be tested and perhaps labeled.

However, if something can be “generally regarded as safe: (GRAS), as most conventional foods are, then they’re exempt.

Since GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to conventional food, they’re considered GRAS and thus they don’t require testing or labels.

The EPA makes some effort to deal with the environmental impacts of GMOs.

It regulates GMO pesticides under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act.

But, there’s no health testing.

No environmental testing.

And a long trail of suppressed research, fired scientists, and even fired government officials who questioned the approach or did tests raising major concerns.

Since 1992, enough research has been done by public and private scientists to unequivocally state GMOs and the use of the chemicals with them are harmful to our health and the health of our environment.

But the culture of fear resulting from people losing their jobs and being publicly discredited or sued has left us vulnerable and underinformed.

If every farmer switched to organic, a whole segment of our economy would be lost

Chemical and biotech companies, lobbying firms, and the businesses and nonprofits to clean up the mess from those businesses would all lose billions.

And the government bureaucracy set up to pretend to monitor all these problems would no longer be needed, either.

A lot of people have strong vested interest in keeping these businesses alive and growing by any means possible.

We’ve been manufacturing problems and spending good money to pretend to solve them.

“We make more money when we fight with each other,” said a lobbyist in Washington.

If every farm were organic, we’d save billions of dollars on health care, environmental cleanup, and energy.

More important, we’d have the opportunity to creatively make and spend all the money in ways that don’t harm people or the planet.

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