The Great Biofuel Hoodwink

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The Great Biofuel Hoodwink

One of the biggest problems in agriculture in recent decades has been the overproduction of corn, and when there’s too much corn, its price goes down and farmers make less money.

But farmers want to grow corn.

It’s easy to cultivate, and farmers have all the equipment to plant and harvest it.

Even though output exceeds demand, the government pays them subsidies to keep growing it.

So, the industry began to find other uses for this cheap and abundant raw material.

High-fructose corn syrup became one use, for example, as did animal feed, even though it makes cows sick to eat corn (necessitating the overuse of antibiotics).

Ethanol is another product developed to put extra corn to profitable use.

A farmer who in the 1960s helped build the first ethanol plant asked, “What in the hell [can] we do with all this freaking corn?”

Biofuel sounds like a win-win solution:  Corn as fuel could save the American farmer and reduce our reliance on foreign oil!

Biofuel can also replace methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), an additive aimed at making gasoline more environmentally friendly that has, in fact, poisoned thousands of wells across the country.

Biofuel from corn, however, has its own problems.

First, corn raised for fuel is even less likely to arouse concern about how it’s grown than corn intended as food is.

So farmers spread even more chemicals on it, thereby increasing the amount of pollution poisoning their families and running off their land and into streams, rivers, gulfs, and eventually oceans.

In 2009, the USDA was trying to fast-track the deregulation of GMO corn crops used to make ethanol.

This will increase exponentially our health problems, our climate crisis, and our food problems.

Second, it takes more fuel to grow corn for fuel than the corn actually produces.

Making and spreading fertilizers, pesticides, and most chemicals uses a lot of fuel, and many chemicals are made from the oil and oil by-products biofuels are meant to replace.

Lastly, when food is diverted to another purpose, there’s less for us to eat and prices rise.

Suddenly, because corn was being grown for fuel instead of food, the price of corn around the world skyrocketed and food became too expensive for many people.

Hence, the food riots.

Even former vice president Al Gore, who cast the deciding vote in favor of biofuels back in 1994, admits he was wrong about them.

His extensive analysis, published in his book Our Choice, shows “producing first generation ethanol from corn is a mistake.”

Unfortunately, the GMO “corn rush” has let the genetic beast loose and it’s impossible to capture and destroy it.

In Mexico, the place where corn originated and is still a major staple of the diet, heirloom varieties that have been farmed for thousands of years have been contaminated by pollen from GMO varieties (pollen doesn’t respect borders or property lines).

Not only has GMO corn created an unnecessary surplus of corn, but it’s also ruined the clean corn we still have.

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