The Second Week Meal Plan

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal BMI is 24.9.

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The Second Week Meal Plan

Monday Meal Plan, Day 8

Breakfast:  3 egg whites, 1 turkey sausage, 1/2 Roma tomato, and 1 piece Ezekiel 7-grain toast

Lunch:  1/2 cup black beans, 1/2 cup salsa, 1/4 cup cheese, and 1 Ezekiel tortilla; 1/2 cup Greek yogurt for dipping

Snack:  3 slices of watermelon with 1/4 cup raw almonds

Dinner:  Grilled flank steak with grilled onions and steamed Brussels sprouts

Tuesday Meal Plan, Day 9

Breakfast:  1 packet Quaker instant oatmeal with 2 hard-boiled egg whites

Lunch:  Sliced turkey breast and mixed veggies over romaine lettuce with oil and vinegar

Snack:  Guiltless Gourmet baked corn chips with fresh salsa

Dinner:  Pepper Jack Cheeseburgers with Jalapeno Cumin Sauce (at dinner use lettuce leaves instead of a bun)

Wednesday Meal Plan, Day 10

Breakfast:  Artichoke Scramble with 1 piece Ezekiel 7-grain toast

Lunch:  1 can Amy’s Organic Medium Chili with Vegetables with small salad

Snack:  Low-fat organic Cheddar with Kashi vegetable crackers

Dinner:  Grilled salmon with Mustard Lemon Braised Vegetables

Thursday Meal Plan, Day 11

Breakfast:  1 serving Nature’s Promise cereal with nonfat milk

Lunch:  Grilled Halibut Soft Tacos with Orange Salsa

Snack:  1 cup Amy’s Organic Split Pea Soup

Dinner:  Grilled chicken with grilled peppers and onions

Friday Meal Plan, Day 12

Breakfast:  1 packet Quaker instant oatmeal, 1 cup blueberries, and 2 scrambled egg whites

Lunch:  Quinoa-Stuffed Artichokes with side of turkey breast

Snack:  1 cup mixed berries with 1/4 cup pecans

Dinner:  Poached wild-Pacific salmon with blanched broccoli, carrots, onions, and celery

Saturday Meal Plan, Day 13

Breakfast:  3-egg-white omelet with green pepper and tomato and 1 slice Ezekiel bread

Lunch:  5 large prawns with mixed greens and raw veggies with Galeos Caesar salad dressing

Snack:  5 slices organic turkey with 1 peach

Dinner:  Roasted Garlic Chicken with Green Beans Amande

Sunday Meal Plan, Day 14

Breakfast:  1 packet Quaker instant oatmeal and 1 cup Greek yogurt with 1 cup strawberries

Lunch:  1/2 cup refried beans, shredded romaine, chopped onions, and tomatoes in 1 Ezekiel tortilla

Snack:  1 apple with almond butter smeared on top

Dinner:  Seared tuna steak with a mixed green salad

If you’ve taken a look at this meal plan, you no doubt already know this diet is a snap.

All the guesswork has been taken out of the cooking, so all you have to do is pull up a chair and enjoy.

These delicious meals will trigger your weight-loss hormones.

Each one takes the very best, freshest whole foods and turns them into hormonally active, metabolic powerhouses – but all you’ll taste is mouthwatering deliciousness.


Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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