The Truth About the Farm Bill

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The Truth About the Farm Bill

The farm bill encourages the use of GMOs and chemicals and therefore adds many more toxins to our environment.

The chemical companies get rich, while farmers still barely make a decent living.

Chemical companies are the Wall Street firms of agriculture, getting rich off regular people looking to invest and protect their money and their futures.

They sell and trade stuff that doesn’t really make any sense, creating a false sense of growth and production while eating away at our vulnerable core.

There won’t be enough money in the world to bail them out when we finally wake up and realize what they’ve done to us, nor would we want to spend it on them.

Right now, the chemical companies are spending the profits lobbying for more protection, more deregulation and regulations in their favor, and more chances to make money, and they have millions of farmers around the world addicted to their products.

The farm bill lowers our export prices, putting farmers around the world out of business and creating bad feelings about America in places where farming is often the only livelihood.

The farm bill incentivizes the cultivation of foods that make us (and animals) sick and fat, yet it bears no responsibility for the costs related to us all being sick and fat.

The farm bill teaches farmers how to work a dysfunctional system rather than how to become better farmers, creating a sense of entitlement and codependency hard to escape.

Yet most chemical farmers would much rather see farm bill subsidies disappear.

They look at the regulations of the farm bill as major impediments to doing their jobs.

The one factor uniting the chemical and organic sides of the farming issue is their distrust of and disgust with government bureaucracy as it relates to farming.

The farm bill is, without a doubt, a very unreadable document.

Just a few pages is enough to shine a light on all the bureaucracy, waste, and ridiculousness of how we manage our government, food, and farms in the United States.

It’s more than 1,000 pages long.

If all bills are as convoluted and unclear as the farm bill, it’s easy to see how we got into this mess.

The farm bill is just one example of how our governing process keeps chemical food prices artificially low, thereby rewarding and incentivizing bad behavior by corporations and, as a result, keeping chemical farmers stuck on a treadmill they can’t get off.

American companies and organic farmers who try to do the right thing and pay their own way aren’t rewarded in any way for their efforts.

The farm bill doesn’t acknowledge the environmental costs, the health care costs, or the social costs of kids who are mentally, physically, and emotionally disabled as a result of our overexposure to and reliance on synthetic chemicals.

It doesn’t acknowledge the costs of cleaning up our water and air.

It doesn’t accurately reflect the real cost of real food grown by good people on land that’s improving our environment rather than destroying it.

The farm bill, as we know it, must end.

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