Too Many Processed Foods

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Too Many Processed Foods

Some foods, especially processed foods, are murder on our hormone balance.


Here’s the dirty little secret:  Our bodies don’t recognize them as foods.

Processed foods don’t come from nature; they come from factories.

The more productive the factories, the more money the corporation makes.

And the less the corporation can spend on the cheap raw materials going into those factories, the higher the profit margins.

Who can blame them?

Higher profits, higher productivity – isn’t that the American way?

Put pennies in, take dollars out.

That must get kind of addictive.

Kind of like the “foods” they’re creating.

Our 21st-century diet is made primarily of corn, soy, and wheat – whether or not we ever consciously recognize them on our plates.

These crops have been subsidized for so long, and have become so inexpensive for food manufacturers, they’re constantly trying to figure out new ways to use these cheap ingredients.

And through modern chemistry, food manufacturers do just that.

You may think you’re about to eat a piece of lunch meat/bowl of soup/glass of juice, but it’s really basically wheat, soy, or corn.

Refined wheat flour.

Hydrolyzed soy protein.

Partially hydrogenated corn oil.

High-fructose corn syrup.

With a bit of salt thrown in.  (Another cheap additive.)

How do they do that?

How do they get us to eat these 3 foods in everything?

Well, food manufacturers take these 3 incredibly cheap, bland ingredients and add a whole lot of chemicals to make them actually have taste.

Think of corn, soy, and wheat as the blank canvas upon which the food-science industry paints the illusion of food.

And to keep the illusion going, they may even be resorting to dirty tricks.

Foods high in fat and sugar make your brain release “endogenous opioids,” aka biological morphine.

If you’ve ever thought of an Oreo, made up of nearly 60% sugar and fat, as a drug you had an itch for, you’re right on the money.

Just like when an addict is reminded of his drug, your brain’s center of motivation and cravings is stimulated when you see, smell, or taste foods you crave.

Yes, we can get high on dessert and we can get addicted.

“Well, you could just say no,” say the people arguing for “personal responsibility.”

But here’s where the story gets a bit tricky.

A 2005 investigative series from the Chicago Tribune reported Kraft, the makers of the Oreo cookie, shared brain research with scientists from Philip Morris, the tobacco company, and Miller Brewing, the beer maker, all corporate partners at the time.

(Hmm, cigarettes, alcohol, and Oreos . . . what could they possibly have in common?)

When the Tribune broke the story, the Kraft spokesperson said it was just good business to have their scientists “look for ways to exchange information, share best practices, and identify efficiencies that reduce overall costs.”


Bottom line?

The more processed the food is, the greater the chance some unscrupulous biochemist is tinkering with your neurochemistry to make you want to eat more – and more and more.

We’ll talk about how toxic processed foods are to your hormones and overall health in a later post.

But for now, understand as long as the combination of low-quality starch + sugar + fat + salt + addictive chemicals is the cheapest and most profitable combination for megafood corporations, they’re going to fight like crazy to keep it on the shelves and in our mouths.

Until we listen to the research and stand up to the food lobbies to make this widespread poisoning of the public more expensive for them, we have to figure out how to protect ourselves.

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