Too Many Toxins in Our Environment

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Too Many Toxins in Our Environment

Our food isn’t the only place riddled with endocrine-disrupting toxins.

More than 100,000 synthetic chemicals have been registered for commercial use – with 2000 more added each year – but very few of them have been tested for toxicity or potential hormonal activity.

Instead, officials have pooh-poohed their effects.

“These things are dangerous only at very high levels,” they say, neglecting to mention they didn’t test them at very low levels.

Now researchers are starting to realize many of these chemicals impact our endocrine systems at moderate and even minute levels.

And they’re starting to pile up in our bodies.

Research on Swedish women found the concentration of polybrominated diphenyl ether (aka the flame retardants found in baby pajamas, pillow cases, electronics, and furniture) in their breast milk doubled every 5 years from 1972 to 1998.

And this stuff really messes with our hormones.

Take the women who fish in Lake Ontario, which is known to have high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found the fisherwomen who ate more than one fish meal a month for several years had shorter menstrual cycles than women who didn’t.

Other studies on women who eat fish from PCB-laden lakes suggest they have a harder time getting pregnant.

Girls aren’t the only ones affected.

Boy rats exposed to just one dose of dioxin in the womb produced 74% fewer sperm than those not exposed.

Their levels of testosterone were lower than normal, and the size of their genitals was significantly reduced.

The researchers said it was clear prenatal exposure to dioxin “demasculinizes and feminizes male rats.”

Some studies have also shown when animals are subjected to PCBs and dioxins, their thyroid glands change in ways similar to the way people react to Hashimoto’s disease.

When pregnant rats are exposed to increased levels of PCBs, their babies have less thyroid hormone and wacky neurotransmitter levels.

Carbon tetrachloride, a chemical sometimes found in drinking-water tests, has been linked to thyroid dysfunction.

Researchers are also beginning to see fish in lakes and rivers are actually getting chemically induced sex changes – boys are becoming girls – because of the high levels of man-made estrogens in the water!

These xenoestrogens are endangering us at all levels of life.

In April 2008, Canada became the first country to ban bisphenol A, or BPA, from baby bottles.

After Canadian officials reviewed the available research, they decided the risks were too great to allow babies to ingest it.

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association found higher BPA concentrations in people’s urine were associated with a 300% greater risk of cardiovascular disease and a 240% greater risk of diabetes, as well as abnormalities in liver enzymes.

Women with PCOS have higher blood levels of BPA compared with women who don’t have the disease.

Even low doses of BPA have been shown to create new fat cells and increase their size.

In all, more than 130 animal studies have linked very low doses of BPA to breast and prostate cancer, early puberty, brain damage, obesity, diabetes, lowered sperm count, hyperactivity, damaged immune system, and other serious conditions.

The problem is, BPA is everywhere – more than 6 billion pounds of BPA are produced in the world every year, 1/3 of it by the United States.

A CDC study found 95% of Americans have BPA in their urine.

Manufacturers add BPA to polycarbonate plastic and the linings of cans, bottles, and other food containers.

These toxic endocrine disruptors in our environment do more than just mess with our metabolisms – they may give us hormonally-influenced cancer.

A recent Harvard study found as many as 50% of all prostate cancers are linked to excess estrogen in the body.

According to Physicians for Social Responsibility, some of the most common pollutants found in plastics, fuels, drugs, and pesticides cause cancer in animals (and likely in humans) by interfering with healthy hormone activity.

The Gen X- and Yers, who are younger than baby boomers, may be doubly screwed – they didn’t have a childhood foundation free of these endocrine disruptors.

They’ve been raised in an environment that has been upping the hormones on all sides.

And it’s the combination of all of these factors that scares the crap out of me.

One report looked at the impact of PCBs and dioxin, both of which were widely detected in people’s bodies.

The combination of these two chemicals inflicted 400 times as much damage to the liver as dioxin alone.

Now multiply that by the number of chemicals out in the environment today.

We have to start protecting ourselves right now!

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