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The sense of touch against your tongue and in your mouth is called texture or mouthfeel, and it’s an important part of flavor.

We associate silky textures with richness, for example, even if little fat is present.

If a food is tough and fibrous, by contrast, we may decide it’s unpleasant to eat, even if it’s sweet.

Most people would prefer a spoonful of creamy chocolate, for example, as opposed to gnawing on a tough stalk of sugarcane.

The sensations making up mouthfeel include:

Pain – Some peppers literally stimulate pain receptors in your mouth, a sensation we register as spicy heat when it’s mild, but which can be unpleasant if too intense.

Many people love this feeling!

Temperature – Hot foods can provide comfort on a winter’s day, while a crisp, cool salad can refresh in midsummer.

But flavors are more pronounced when at a moderate temperature, between 68 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Foods frozen solid, like ice cream, need stronger flavoring to make an impact, which is why melted ice cream tends to taste too sweet.

Astringency – Astringency causes a puckering sensation on your tongue.

The tannins in tea or red wine cause an astringent sensation, as do some citrus flavors.

Smoothness – The silky mouthfeel we associate with creamy sauces and drinks contributes to a sensation of richness.

Crispness – The satisfying crunch of a perfectly ripe apple or the snap of a stalk of celery is an important part of our enjoyment.

Chewiness – Foods giving our teeth and jaws a workout can be pleasurable, like a slice of thick, crusty bread, or we can identify the sensation as undesirable, as in tough, stringy, or overcooked meat.

Density – A serving of thickly layered veggie lasagna feels heartier and more satisfying than the same size portion of steamed vegetables served over fluffy rice.

You can satisfy cravings for comfort food healthfully by eating dense, substantial foods low in fat and starch.

With a nearly infinite number of combinations of taste, aroma, and texture at your fingertips, the range of flavors you can create is endless.

By experimenting with different flavors, you’ll build a collection of healthy, nutrient-rich dishes that enliven all of your senses.

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