Understanding the Juice Fast

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal is 24.9.

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Understanding the Juice Fast

You’ve probably heard of juice fasts.

You may have even tried one as a way to lose weight quickly.

But a juice fast is much more than a way to drop a few pounds.

A juice fast is a way to cleanse your body and prepare it for your continued transformation.

First, what is “juicing” and how is it different or better than blending or smoothies?

For what it’s worth, since fruits have so much sugar (even natural sugar is sugar) we recommend a majority of your juices be primarily veggie based.

Let’s begin with blending as most people have a blender at home.

Blenders blend the juice and pulp and fiber together to create a drinkable form of mixed fruits and vegetables.

A juicer on the other hand is a machine that squeezes only the juice, the life blood of the vegetable where all the vitamins and antioxidants are stored, and separates them completely.

Then you drink the juice.

Fresh smoothies are more filling and keep your digestive tract working.

This is good for your metabolism and the filling effect keeps you from eating food to satisfy your hunger.

But the first benefit to juicing is you can drink more juice when the pulp is removed, so more vitamins and nutrients can nourish your body.

The second benefit to juicing is your body doesn’t have to work so hard to break down the fiber, so it gets to enjoy the benefits immediately.

When you think about your body, it’s really like a big human juicer anyway.

The fruit and veggies go in, your body extracts the juice and expels the stuff it can’t use.

You’re just giving your body a break and doing some of the work for it.

So how does juice fasting work?

Unlike trendy quick-fix diets, a juice fast nourishes and cleanses your body at the same time.

It shakes your system free of toxins and revitalizes your energy levels.

Think of it as a reboot of your entire body and soul.

A pure juice regimen, kept for 1-3 days, gives your body the simple nutrition it needs in a pure, organic package.

And focusing your nutrition in this way will also allow you to center your mind.

By paring down your food choices and freeing your body from the energy it takes to process your typical diet, you’ll be able to reconnect body and spirit, and sense which parts of your body need extra attention.

A juice fast is meditation for your body.

The visualization techniques you use each day help you to zero in on your goals.

They fuel your transformation and keep you on target.

A juice fast does the same thing.

Lots of people focus on their body in a superficial way, mostly being concerned only with how it looks.

People don’t really listen to what their body is trying to tell them.

A juice fast helps to identify the subtle cues your body is sending out.

How do you feel?

Do parts of your body feel tired?

Do some parts feel more energized?

Nature has built in a sophisticated defense system.

Your body feels tired when it needs nutrients.

You feel pain when something isn’t working right.

You need to learn to pay attention to your physical thought processes as much as you do your mental and spiritual ones.

All of the processes are in this together.

Come join us on our natural weight loss journey!  We’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

(Based on Drew Canole’s “Train Your Taste to Trim Your Waist”)

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