We Have Poisoned Our Soil, Water, and Air

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We Have Poisoned Our Soil, Water, and Air

We’re all being poisoned, contaminated, sterilized, and eventually exterminated by the synthetic chemicals we’ve used for the last 100 years to grow our food and maintain our lawns, to make our lives easier and “cleaner” and our food “cheaper”.

Most of us probably think our species’ biggest problems, aside from the global economic collapse, have to do with energy and energy independence.

The debate over the climate crisis and environmental destruction has been almost completely focused on energy usage – how we drive our cars, heat our homes, and power lifestyles.

We haven’t yet made the full connection between how we grow our food and the impact it can have on our climate crisis and our health crisis.

The global economic upheaval in 2008 and 2009 has given us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rebuild an economic model and a future that’s based on what’s right for people, the environment, and business.

We can and must create a world that’s more than sustainable, that’s regenerative.

Nature, under optimal circumstances (mainly, when we leave it alone) heals itself.

Regeneration is necessary to heal the damage we’ve already done to ourselves and to our environment.

It’s time to begin the process of healing.

Why Carbon Really Matters

Over the last century we’ve all been subjected to a chemical experiment.

While there have been antivivisection movements around the world to protect animals from testing, I’ve never heard of a single protest to save our children from this experiment.

Yet there’s increasing and frightening evidence that agricultural and other industrial chemicals are causing significant and lasting health problems – problems that’ll be hard to solve and take time to correct even if we start making changes today.

The evidence is starting to pile up.

Do you know what the number one reason is for kids missing school these days?

It’s not colds or the normal sicknesses all children go through during their lives.

It’s asthma.

Asthma’s prevalence increased by 75% from 1980 to 1994,

Thirty-four million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma, and worldwide the number has reached approximately 300 million.

You could say it’s getting harder and harder to breathe on this planet.

What does asthma have to do with carbon?

Let’s think for a minute about the human body and its relationship with the planet.

Breathing is fundamental to life.

We can live a few weeks without food, a few days without water, forever without cars.

But take away our air or our capacity to breathe it in and we’re dead in minutes.

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide in an ongoing cycle.

Researchers have determined climate change is caused by primarily too much carbon dioxide being produced by cars, manufacturing, and other uses of fossil fuels.

Our collective exhaling is exceeding the earth’s capacity to process it back into air for us to breathe in.

Carbon, the building block of life, is one of the most abundant naturally occurring elements on earth – it’s in coal and inside our bodies, it’s in limestone and in every living thing, it’s in oil and it’s in the air, it’s in wood and it’s also in soil.

In its densest form, carbon is a diamond.

The very same element in a less compact form is charcoal or graphite.

Carbon molecules move all the time – and react with other elements, especially oxygen.

When one carbon atom reacts with one oxygen atom, the result is carbon monoxide, which is both highly toxic and at the same time useful (it’s the blue flame burning on your gas stove, for instance).

The carbon monoxide reaction occurs most often when carbon is burned in an oxygen-starved environment, like a woodstove.

We’ve all heard stories about people who went to sleep on a cold winter night but never awoke the next morning because their faulty heating systems killed them with carbon monoxide.

When one carbon atom merges with 2 oxygen atoms, the result is carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon dioxide is produced naturally by things like volcanoes and hot springs, but it also occurs when you burn carbon.

Like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide is toxic in high concentrations and can cause dizziness, headaches, rapid breathing, confusion, palpitations, and at very high concentrations death.

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