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People are getting fatter and unhealthier at younger and younger ages!

What is going on?  Despite:

*New diet plans constantly being developed and marketed as “the answer”

*People avoiding fat, choosing more low-fat, fat-free, reduced-fat foods/drinks

*Record numbers of gyms, fitness centers, personal trainers, and home exercise equipment sales.

*Advancements in our knowledge of nutrition, biology, medicine, and quantum physics.

We keep getting fatter and unhealthier and it is happening at younger and younger ages.  Since the 1980s obesity rates have doubled for adults and tripled for children.  Why?

This is the age of science and technology.  We have the most information available to us and we are the smartest we have ever been.  We can accomplish unbelievable feats in medicine, sports, technology, science, and innovation.  But, we still can’t seem to figure out how to take care of our body.  Shouldn’t we know exactly what’s going on within us and how to “fix” it by now?  Sadly, in many respects we seem to be going backwards.  We have more fat and obese people now than ever before.  We have more chronic health issues, more learning difficulties, more mental health issues, more heart disease, and more cancer.

What’s causing these challenges?  Is it really that mysterious?

It is our belief that the basis of most of these challenges is the same, and actually quite straightforward:

*We have disconnected from Mother Nature and worse, we think we can control her.  Everything in nature works in harmony and balance.

*We try to control our body’s natural wisdom and healing ability with vaccinations, medications, chemotherapy, and unnecessary surgeries, creating more stress on our digestive, filtration and immune systems.  Our intestinal microflora have been completely thrown out of balance.  We need to understand and support these natural workings and rebalance.

*Most of us are self-intoxicating ourselves (suffering with constipation, overloaded livers, etc.)

*We eat too much (supersize everything, buffets, eat until we’re stuffed, eat because we’re bored, upset, angry, stressed, depressed, eat as a social activity)

*We make poor food/drink choices (prepared, processed, chemical-laden, nutrient-devoid, sugar and fat-laden, foodstuffs rather than wholesome, natural, organic/clean, nutrient-rich, enzyme-rich, life-giving food eaten the way Mother Nature created it for us – unprocessed)

*Our stores and our homes are full of toxic, chemical-laden, products that are polluting our bodies, our homes, our wildlife and our earth

*We don’t move.  (We used to move as part of everyday life, cleaning, gardening, walking to get places, hanging clothes to dry, physical jobs of all sorts.  We didn’t call it exercise, but it certainly was.  Now, we strive to find time and money to go exercise using special equipment.  Our body is designed to move, play and work – every day!)

*We have created lives full of stress (work, worry, running around, always wanting this/that/more, never happy, relaxed, content)

*Many of us are disconnected from family:  what should be our unwavering, unconditional, loving, support system (both giving and receiving).

*We’ve lost our spiritual connection to God, Universe, Buddha, Oneness, whatever your belief.

Tomorrow we will talk about what we can do!

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