What About the Food?

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What About the Food?

What about the food itself?

Only a tiny percentage of GMO crops go directly from the fields to our tables.

Most of the corn and soybeans grown in the US are made into sweeteners (especially high-fructose corn syrup), animal feed, cereals, crackers, bread, chips, and fuel.

Increasingly, these crops are being exported to other countries, putting millions of farmers in other countries out of commission and into starvation.

Corn and increasingly soy are used to feed livestock, which are kept in large feedlots to fatten them up.

Eventually you eat the corn when you order your giant steak at the local steakhouse or a cheap burger at a fast-food restaurant.

If any by-products of our corn-based farming are left over, they’re sent to public school systems to feed our children.

What happens to all the waste, the leftover plant and animal material from our farms?

Little that’s natural is returned to the soil to be composted.

Most farm waste (including dead animals) is fed to animals or sold for fuel.

Some farmers fertilize their fields with sewage sludge, or municipal waste.

It contains human waste, which is contaminated by pharmaceutical drugs and cleaning supplies literally flushed down the toilet, as well as industrial waste.

In concentrated animal feeding operations thousands of hogs, cattle, and poultry are fattened before slaughter.

Their waste is funneled into large slurry ponds, and it runs off into water supplies and emits methane, which is another potent greenhouse gas and a major contributor to our climate crisis.

Rather than use the waste, as nature does, to reinvigorate the soil after a hard growing season, the fields are left bare.

They get neither a warm layer of compost nor a protective cover crop.

Winter winds and rains lead to more erosion.

Any mycorrhizal fungi that were in the soil storing carbon have been decimated by fungicides, and the few remaining starve without cover-crop roots to live on during the winter.

The landscape is desolate.

There are no seeds to save.

In fact, the “gene police” from Monsanto may slip into fields throughout the season to make sure all the rules are being followed – and they won’t hesitate to sue if they believe there’s been an infringement.

Winter is long and dark for farmers, who know they have to start the cycle all over again the following spring.

Throughout this synthetic-chemical cycle, fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides run off the fields, as does topsoil, polluting freshwater sources and damaging the health of the country and the environment.

The chemical system puts much more carbon into the air than it takes out.

Meanwhile, no one has listed the long- or short-term health consequences of farming with chemicals – not just in the US, but around the world.

Farmers are just barely surviving.

The government and the American people are left to pay the costs of cleaning up the environment and health care, which are out of control.

And, our relationships and reputation as good global citizens are seriously jeopardized.

The only parties walking away from this scenario better off financially than when they began are the global GMO seed and chemical companies, and the lobbyists who feed off of them.

It all sounds like a post-apocalyptic science fiction story, yet all of it’s happening right now.

We just haven’t connected the dots.

We’re bombarded every day by bits and pieces that don’t seem to add up and leave us feeling like we can’t understand or control the problems, let alone solve them.

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