What Can We Do?

question mark   Yesterday we talked about how we are getting fatter and unhealthier at younger ages.  Today we’ll talk about what we can do about it.

*Relax, everything is okay right now, this moment.  Find contentment, joy and gratitude with what you have.

*Reconnect with and enjoy Mother Nature, her wisdom and her healing energy.  Do your part to respect, protect and support her.

*Get involved – volunteer, have a passion, a purpose, help others, give back.

*Drink clean, purified water.  That’s what all animals drink.  No coffee, soda pop, alcohol, beer, etc.  Just water.  About 6-8 cups every day.  Our body is, after all, 65-75% water.

*Eat less – only to 80% full.  Find something else that needs your attention so food is not your crutch.  Eat smaller meals more often, your blood sugar will appreciate it.

*Make smart, natural, food/drink choices.  Make sure to give your cells lots of nutrients for growth, repair and healing as the need arises.  Think of it like your cells “go shopping” for the nutrients they need.  Your bloodstream is the store.  Be well stocked.

*Understand the full effects of all vaccinations, medications, surgeries, and treatments.

*Balance intestinal microflora.  Consider liver and/or colon cleanses.  Support your immune system.

*Move.  No way around this one.  You have to move more.  Have fun.  Play.  Dance.  Enjoy life.

*Clean up your act.  Choose safe/natural household, laundry and personal care products.  Research the toxic effects of the products you choose to bring into your home environment.  Make your home safe.  Ensure clean air and water for your family.  Your liver and immune system will thank you.

*Reconnect with your internal wisdom.  Your job is to provide the raw materials (nutrients) your body needs to function, grow, repair, heal, and protect your body from the harmful, toxic things that surround us.  Support and believe in your natural healing process.

*Address and release emotions/traumas that create stress within you.  They eventually manifest as physical issues.

These are the first critical steps to improving any and all health issues, including weight.  Optimal weight, health and happiness can’t be achieved when your internal systems are out of balance.  All aspects of our being need to be addressed – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy.

Have an awesome day!  We appreciate you!

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