What Did Cavemen Eat?

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What did Cavemen Eat?

And why should we care?

The short answer is because we were cavemen (and ate like cavemen) for a lot longer than we’ve been grocery-cart filling, frozen-dinner-eating, sweet-tooth-satisfying, fast-food foragers (a.k.a. “civilized”).

Tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors were hunter-gatherers.

This means our genetics really haven’t dramatically changed, even though our bodies have.

The average prehistoric Homo Sapiens were muscular, agile, athletic, necessarily strong.

If you didn’t have these qualities, you were dinner for an animal who did.

The average Homo Sapiens today are stressed, flabby, overweight, out of shape, sleep-deprived, unhappy and suffering from many preventable diseases.

What changed?

In a word, agriculture.

In 10,000 BC or so, our species developed the ability to farm.

We stayed in one place and formed civilizations.

Although we developed socially, our bodies never adjusted properly to all the grains we’re now eating.

We had thousands of years as hunter-gatherers and only recently shifted our diet.

Unfortunately, our genetics have not shifted with our lifestyle.

Our bodies were used to loading up on meat, vegetables and seasonal fruit.

But now we’ve replaced most of these whole-foods with grains – breads, pasta, corn, and rice.

Even our government recommends 6-11 servings of grains per day.

As a species, we’re getting fatter and sicker.

Maybe there are many reasons for this, or maybe we’re fighting Mother Nature.

Consider this fact:  Indians (not Native Americans) discovered how to make crystalline sugar from cane sugar in 350 AD, and for a very long time it wasn’t available in most parts of the world.

Now it’s in nearly everything and it’s creating havoc in our bodies, like high-fructose corn syrup and a host of artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame.

But you’ve been told grains are good for you, right?

Grains do have some beneficial properties like fiber and lots of important nutrients.

But, they’re also made of carbohydrates, which are turned into glucose, which is a type of sugar.

Glucose not used for energy during the day is immediately stored as fat.

Most of these issues arise from two substances in grains:  lectin and gluten.

Lectins are natural toxins.

They give grains the ability to defend themselves against being eaten by animals or humans.

As strange as this sounds, grains have evolved lectins as a defense mechanism.

Lectins prevent your gastrointestinal tract from repairing itself from the normal wear and tear of digestion.

An unhealthy gut can cause more issues than we care to go into.

Gluten is a simple protein.

It’s found in grains like rye, wheat, and barley.

It’s very hard on your digestive system.

It’s water-soluble and creates the elasticity in dough.

It also happens to be the primary glue in wallpaper paste.

According to researchers, almost 1/3 of the population is sensitive to gluten by showing inflammation in the body.

The resulting inflammation causes a host of conditions like joint pain, acid reflux, reproductive issues, autoimmune disorders and even dermatitis.

Those with a severe reaction are said to have celiac disease.

And just because only 1/3 are considered highly sensitive to gluten doesn’t mean the other 2/3 process it well.

They just may not be experiencing the issues in a noticeable manner.

All this has recently given rise to a popular dietary trend called the “paleo diet” or “paleo lifestyle.”

However it’s not a fad or weird diet.

It’s simply returning to the way our bodies have been eating for thousands of years, stripping away the processed stuff like unnatural sugars, grains and even dairy.

Come join us on our natural weight loss journey!  We’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

(Based on Drew Canole’s “Train Your Taste to Trim Your Waist”)

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