What Do You Know About Organic Food?

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What Do You Know About Organic Food?

Think about what you think you know about organic food for a minute.

Some people say it’s more nutritious, but others say it’s not.

Maybe it’s the right choice for wealthy nations, but is it practical for underdeveloped and poor countries?

Isn’t it more important to eat food produced locally?

What’s the difference between organic and natural?

And why are organic foods so expensive?

Doesn’t the high cost of organic food make it an indulgence rather than a realistic choice for the majority of working families?

And we seem to hear all the time it’s not even possible to grow enough food to feed the world organically.

What’s the truth?

We’re bombarded by so much information, yet much of it is conflicting and never seems to provide a definitive, clear answer to the question of why we should opt for organically grown foods rather than those grown with synthetic chemicals.

We live in a fairly constant state of confusion about most things essential to our survival, but we’ve been conditioned to do what’s easiest.

We’re too busy and distracted to think too deeply about most things.

Meanwhile, we eat what’s available when we’re hungry and try not to think too much about it because it’s all so disheartening and confusing.

There is, however, clear and conclusive scientific data supporting the hypothesis that organic agriculture is the key to our survival.

The studies are buried deep in the databases of government agencies, too complicated to be reported by mainstream media, and subjected to downright suppression at some universities.

A quick peek beneath the shiny veneer of the marketing materials of major chemical companies reveals a world where the overriding drive for growth and profits has created a culture of denial that makes victims of us all.

It’s clear we need to change.

We must embrace a return to chemical-free gardening.

We must support local farmers and buy local foods.

We can improve our health and environment through food and how it’s grown.

Food is very closely entwined with health.

Organic foods are obviously healthier for people and better for the environment.

The research is there to support it.

Organic farming isn’t only more productive than chemical farming (especially during times of drought and flood), but soil farmed organically is a key part of solving our climate crisis.

But even if you don’t believe there’s a climate crisis, there are other reasons to embrace organic methods.

In fact, it’s so critical to embrace organic methods that if you do just one thing – make one conscious choice – that can change the world, go organic.

Buy organic food.

Stop using chemicals and start supporting organic farmers.

No other single choice will have greater positive repercussions for our future.

It may seem hard to believe one change will make such a big difference, but we’ll show you how it’ll have a pervasive impact on global climate change while also preserving our health.

In fact, it’ll infiltrate and improve almost every aspect of our lives.

We still have time to heal the planet, feed the world, and keep us all safe.

But we have to start right now.

To implement this change, we must unite to fight the most important fight of our lives, perhaps one of the most important global struggles in the history of our species.

It’s a fight for survival.

Because no matter what our political beliefs, our religion, our family values, our sexual preferences, our tastes in music or foods are, we’re all in this together.

Our fates are linked.

We’re all one tribe.

Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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