Why You Probably Aren't Eating Right

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Why You Probably Aren’t Eating Right

Junk food tastes good.

It tastes like anything but “junk.”

In fact, it’s often filling, decadent, comforting, and extremely convenient.

But what’s interesting is how many people don’t see it as junk food.

They’ve lived their lives seeing it simply as “food.”

This is one of the roots of the American obesity epidemic.

And it’s because this comfort food, which tastes so delicious, is also toxic to your health.

Junk food is stripped of nutrients, makes you fat, destroys your body’s natural healing systems, and creates long-term problems for short-term pleasures.

And this isn’t news to anyone.

Most people know they’re not eating healthy.

So, why do they keep putting it in their bodies?

If you asked why they eat it, they’d probably shrug their shoulders and say, “I dunno.”

It’s not your fault.

When’s the last time you went to the store and bought something labeled “junk food?”

Or told the waitress you’d like the “junk food special with a side of empty calories?”

That’s one reason why it’s not your fault; nothing is labeled “Junk Food”, though it would probably sell.

Instead, there are entire marketing departments whose only job is to develop healthy-sounding labels using gimmicks like “healthy choice,” “low fat,” “sugar free,” and “no trans fats.”

They have even hijacked the word “organic” to trick the ill-informed that organic equals healthy.

Organic cookies may have better ingredients than nonorganic cookies, but they’re both loaded with sugar, fat, and calories that will force fat to cling to your body.

Another reason why it’s hard to blame you for loving junk food – it’s EVERYWHERE and everyone seems to be selling it and/or eating it.

Vegetable farmers don’t have massive advertising budgets or executives writing catchy slogans.

As a result, we’re bombarded with commercials and billboards for deliciously unhealthy food.

It gets in our subconscious.

If that kind of food is all you typically see, it stops being thought of as junk food and starts being thought of as simply “food.”

Now, processed food is everywhere and a few generations have grown up with it as normal eating.

Thus, convincing someone that Hot Pockets and Happy Meals are junk food is like a stranger telling you a close friend of yours is a bad person who wishes you harm.

Would it be easy for you to tell that close friend to take a hike?

Probably not.

Lastly, our brains are somewhat wired to think, “If everyone is doing it, then it must not be that bad.”

The processed and fast food industry spends billions of dollars every year to make certain everyone is doing it – including you.

Of course, when you look at the obesity statistics it also shows most people are overweight, unhappy, and spending billions of dollars to lose weight the “easy way,” with dangerous pills, even more dangerous surgeries, and workout gadgets.

Here’s scientific PROOF it’s not your fault

In 1991, the McLean burger was introduced by McDonald’s.

True to its name, it was leaner than the regular burger.

How would you expect a leaner burger to taste?

The results might surprise you.

According to blind taste tests, many more people preferred the McLean over it’s fattier counterpart.

How’s this possible?

Well you can thank the brilliant scientists at Mickey D’s for infusing the burger with artificial fat flavors.

Now, a leaner AND better-tasting burger should’ve been like a better mousetrap.

It should have been the single best-selling item in McDonald’s history.

But good luck ordering one today.

It was pulled from the menu within a year of its debut because of dismal sales.

This defies logic, but according to a recent research study, one reason for its failure could be as simple as the name itself.

“McLean” suggests yuck – not just lower fat and caloric content, but it also implies less taste – at least according to 60% of Americans.

Is it possible those who tried the McLean didn’t like it because they expected not to like it – even though blind taste tests had found it to taste better?

According to the study, that’s exactly what happened!

And this raises the disturbing possibility that consumers may be unaware of why they seek and overeat food that’s perceived as unhealthy.

Without such awareness, controlling one’s consumption patterns becomes much more difficult.

So it’s really not your fault you love to eat junk food.

But it’s your responsibility to train your taste if you want to gain control over how great you look and how energized you feel.

Come join us on our natural weight loss journey!  We’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

(Based on Drew Canole’s “Train Your Taste to Trim Your Waist”)

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