Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal is 24.9.

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Yeast are single-celled organisms that can multiply at extremely rapid rates, doubling in number in 2 hours.

Yeast is rich in many basic nutrients, like the B vitamins (except for vitamin B12), 16 amino acids, and at least 14 different minerals.

The protein content of yeast is responsible for 52% of its weight.

Yeast is also high in phosphorus.

There are different media on which yeast may be grown.

Brewer’s yeast, also known as nutritional yeast, is grown on hops, a bitter herb used as an ingredient in beer.

Torula yeast is grown on blackstrap molasses or wood pulp.

A liquid yeast product from Switzerland is derived from herbs, honey, and malt.

Live baker’s yeast should be avoided.

Live yeast cells actually deplete your body of B vitamins and other nutrients.

In nutritional yeast, these live cells are destroyed, leaving the beneficial nutrients behind.

Yeast may be consumed in juice or water, and is a good energy booster between meals.

It can also be added to your diet to help treat certain disorders.

It helps with sugar metabolism and is good for eczema, heart disorders, gout, nervousness, and fatigue.

By enhancing your immune system, yeast is useful for people undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer.

Yeast also seems to increase mental and physical efficiency.

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